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Workers' Compensation Revenue Solutions

Avidean Healthcare Solutions was established to help providers improve their collections on workers’ compensation claims. We are a professional services organization that unites a team of subject matter experts comprised of attorneys, certified professional coders and experienced healthcare management professionals who are entirely focused on the Illinois workers’ compensation marketplace. Our entire team is committed to adding value, technological innovation and being a trusted resource for the clients we serve.

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Workers’ compensation claims present providers with unique challenges in particular with obtaining payment. Having Avidean as your strategic resource - with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to overcome these challenges - will prove to be invaluable for your organization.


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We provide three categories of services: pre-claim adjudication processes and best practices; post-claim adjudication collections; and billing and collection of statutory interest.  Some of our comprehensive services include underpayments, incorrect payment amounts, non-payment, appeal activities, statutory interest billing and collections, IWCC settlement contract and IWCC decision payment challenges, IWCC Fee Schedule analysis and billed charge to IWCC Fee Schedule payment amount crosswalk.

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